Welcome to KenZam

We at Kenzam believe that by Inspiring ability to the community, we are actually sharing power. We aim to give everyone in the community the ability to use the various ICT technologies effectively to improve his/her way(s) of interacting with the world.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that many people are not being adequately served by their technology vendors. While there are many IT companies out there who will 'Sell' technology there are few that bring an understanding of ICT aspect in the community and the various organizations to their way of servicing clients.
At KenZam, we work with you to build a technology plan that aligns with your business strategy and goals, we then partner with you to offer top class IT services, monitoring and management so that you can focus on business and leave IT to us.

We place our community's and clients’ needs first, the technology is simply a means to an end that supports growth and success. Find out how we're different and why we should be your ICT provider of choice.

Our Solution

KenZam Believes that, by conducting community ICT Literacy, we equip the community with the right knowledge for it to be able to interact with the ever changing environment therefore nobody is left behind technologically.
We always offer the best software systems to suit your need, be it business-wise, religious or any other need you may wish to have.
We set up a trusted networking and internet Installations in a business entity, homes, industries etc...